caustic soda

Picture of caustic soda

caustic soda( Sodium hydroxid, NaOH )is a very active chemical product. Applications of caustic soda in the industry are very broad. The target industries have different uses of this product such as: • Dyeing industry • Carton and paper production • Leather and textile Industries • Oil and gas industry and Petro Chemical • Acid neutralization and battery making • Grease traps and other related industries • Food industry, milk industry, canning • Beverage, sugar factory, oil factory • Pharmaceutical, alcohol and cosmetic industries • Metal industry, zinc glass production, aluminum, galvanized and electroplating •Different applications in the oil and gas industry • Different applications in military industries. • Caustic soda is used for industries that are facing pathogens. • Caustic soda is consumed in polymer and pet industry, so it is used as fatty acids .